Infrared Inspections

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Infrared Inspections

Downtime costs you money, don’t let electrical equipment failure be the cause.

Electrical equipment and components can deteriorate over time and, in some cases, rapidly without warning. This increases the risk of injury to personnel, fire, and unavoidable downtime. To reduce the likelihood of these outcomes, facilities should implement a predictive maintenance plan that utilizes infrared technology.

An Infrared Inspection performed by Premier South Electrical will identify and document thermal issues, as well any electrical code or OSHA compliance issues.

This prevents unplanned downtime, improves reliability, and creates a safer workplace.

Our field staff of licensed electricians are also certified thermographers, giving them superior knowledge of electrical theory and the components, requirements, and regulations of your electrical system.

Our infrared inspection helps you:

  • Enhance reliability
  • Improve Safety
  • Avoid unplanned downtime and service interruptions
  • Minimize reactive maintenance and troubleshooting time
  • Lower insurance premiums

PSE Infrared Inspection Process and Deliverables 

  1. Detailed inventory list of all equipment inspected
  2. Digital and thermographic images of each problem component
  3. Visual inspection for electrical code and OSHA violations 
  4. Corrective action recommendations 
  5. Report review by Licensed Electrician and Master Thermographer on staff

We value the needs of our customers and the importance of their safety, as well as the safety of our staff. Our team delivers quality service while following the highest safety standards.

Our field staff is both OSHA trained in the workplace and NFPA 70E trained for energized electrical work. We're well-trained at protecting life and property when inspecting and accessing your electrical system, providing you with a streamlined infrared inspection with no disruptions to you or your facility operations.

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