Creating a brighter, safer future.

We proudly provide full-service electrical contracting within Georgia, as well as nationwide electrical engineering and safety services.

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Premier South Electrical

Premier South Electrical started with a simple idea and a narrow scope: Offer the best electrical contracting and safety services, bar none. We provide expert electrical contracting and safety services with unbeatable customer service.

Serving Georgia

Electrical Services

From your home to your place of business, your world depends on safe and reliable electrical systems and components. Premier South Electrical understands your needs and is committed to delivering the best possible services for customers and communities.

Let our qualified, licensed team help with your next project. Whether constructing, maintaining and servicing your existing system, or ensuring electrical safety and reliability; Premier South Electrical is ready to serve you in creating a brighter, safer future.

We offer electrical construction, as well as service work and maintenance, within the state of Georgia, and we proudly deliver our technical services to all 50 states.

Premier South Electrical

What sets PSE apart?

✅ We ensure our customers stay up to date on latest technologies and energy efficiency devices, fixtures, and equipment.

✅ We deliver solutions to improve and maintain electrical systems.

✅ We ensure facilities are compliant with electrical code requirements.

✅ We help owners ensure a safe electrical work environment for employees and effected workers.

✅ We are a young passionate company, built on a reputation based on trust and integrity.

✅ We understand the importance of a talented work force, and are eager to provide knowledge, opportunity, and livable wages to all employees.

✅ Most of all, we deliver serve with honesty, Southern hospitality, and respect.

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